ITS Health Informatics

Modern clinical research is increasingly data-driven, utilizing computerized systems to collect data and process information for the purpose of improving human health. Our Informatics experts provide education, services and support that enable meaningful access to patient, clinical and research data.

The Bioinformatics and Medical Informatics programs have been aligned to mutually leverage their activities and resources to provide optimal response across the entire Informatics spectrum to CTSA translational research teams. Recognizing that informatics is an essential enabling contribution to Multidisciplinary Translational Teams, we are facilitating a shared mission within the informatics community at UTMB actively engaging other quantitative science components including Biostatistics and Computational Biology. This new structure will enable ITS Health Informatics not just to become a leader in the translational research enterprise at UTMB but also with our strategic partners institutions. Our current growth phase is particularly focused on the development of the skills and infrastructure to manage large-scale relational databases encompassing the full range of health and science information from the electronics medical record to the genomics and proteomics laboratory information management systems. Our goal is to be a key member of a multi-institutional federated data management and analysis network devoted to translational research. Our primary partner in this effort is the School of Health Information Sciences at the UT Health Science Center in Houston.

To this end, we have developed a partnership with UTMB Information Services (IS) for the purpose of providing hardware, software and network support to the computational and quantitative research and informatics community. We are actively growing our cadre of experienced IS professionals that are embedded with the research community. This team is called the Research Informatics Service Core (RISC), and provides expertise that that spans the full hardware, software, and data management spectrum as it relates to research computing and we will be adding new members as we progress. ITS Health Informatics, thus transformed, is now poised to rapidly ascend to the next level of professional capabilities that will make us an outstanding partner in our Translational Research enterprise.


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