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DNA FragmentationThe Institute for Translational Sciences provides many resources for investigators who desire to participate in translational research. The key to accessing these resources is the Coordination Core which can help coordinate and form Multidisciplinary Translational Teams; to facilitate clinical and translational research by identifying project needs, allocating resources, and monitoring progress; and to increase throughput and efficiency of translational research, by identifying and overcoming rate limiting resource barriers for CTSA core activities and eliminating possible duplications of effort.

For more information contact the Coordination Core: or x72872 (CTSA)


Below is a list of our resources, you can find out more about them by selecting the links on the left sidebar under Resource Information, from the menu at the top of the page under ITS Resources or right here on this page.


Biomedical Informatics Biostatistics Clinical Research Center Community Engagement
Comparative Effectiveness Research Coordination Core Editorial Resource Education Resource
Ethics Support CTSA Award Novel Methodologies Pilot & Collaborative Studies
Regulatory Knowledge & Support Tracking & Evaluation Transgenic Mouse Core Facility Translational Technologies