Novel Methodologies

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The Novel Methodology resource will stimulate development of research approaches, tools, and technologies broadly applicable to problems in human health. UTMB has invested substantially in cores and centers to perform basic and clinical research leading to therapeutics, diagnostics and vaccines. The NMC will play a critical role in this process by identifying and supporting innovations that transform the research environment, and by fostering academic-industry partnerships that are most likely to translate basic discoveries into new classes of biomedical products and practices.


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CTSA Awards Funds for Translational Research
The Pilot and Collaborative Studies resource of the CTSA funded seven projects in FY 2010. Two of the projects using novel methodologies were selected from dozens proposed by UTMB researchers during this initial competition. Reviewers were pleased with the quality and diversity of the proposed research, which included vaccine development, development of novel biomarkers and mechanisms of disease and interventions. Click here to see the entire list of projects to date.


Novel Methods: