Editorial Resource

ITS Editorial Team - Alisha Goldberg, David Konkel and Animesh Chandra

The ITS Editorial Team provides tools and expertise to enhance the quality and effectiveness of grant proposals, journal manuscripts, electronic publications and presentations. We are working to transform the research and education environment by helping investigators to obtain funding for translational research and to communicate with diverse audiences about relevant advancements and needs. Our team works closely with the Multidisciplinary Translational Teams and the other Key Resources of the CTSA, as well as the ITS Scholars and ITS Pilot Award recipients.


If you are an investigator interested in conducting multidisciplinary, team-based translational research, or if you are an early-stage or new investigator interested in translational science, contact the CTSA Coordination Core to set up a consultation about how the Editorial Team and other resources of the CTSA can add value to your research.


Throughout 2010, we will be adding tools and links to this web page to help with your writing and editing projects. Please check back frequently, and let us know if there is something that you would find especially useful.


Contact: CTSA@utmb.edu or x72872 (CTSA)