Karl Anderson, MD

Karl Anderson, M.D.

Professor and Director

Division of Human Nutrition, Department of Preventive Medicine and Community Health

Professor, Internal Medicine

Professor, Pharmacology and Toxicology

Email: kanderso@utmb.edu

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Research Interests:

His research interests include human porphyrias, especially the interaction of genetic and environmental factors and development of new treatments for these conditions. A related area of interest is effects of diet on human drug and hormone metabolism. Sources of research support have included NIH, FDA and the American Porphyria Foundation.


Active Research:

He directs the Clinical Science Program in the graduate school, which provides training and an advanced degree (PhD or MS) and to physicians and others interested in a career in clinical research. As director of the Clinical Research Education Office he oversees additional clinical research education activities on campus that are funded in part of a K30 grant (Clinical Research Curriculum Award) from NIH, for which he is PI. He is on student committees for students in this program as well as students in Human Nutrition.

As Associate Program Director of the NIH-funded General Clinical Research Center, he helps to facilitate patient-oriented research by faculty in PMCH and other departments. He maintains clinical teaching activities in the Department of Internal Medicine and its Division of Gastroenterology and Hepatology.