Glenn V. Ostir, PhD

Glenn Ostir Ph.D.

Associate Professor
Assistant Vice Chair for Research
Internal Medicine-Geriatrics
Department of Internal Medicine
Division of Rehabilitation Sciences

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Research Interests:

My research has focused on how psychological well-being varies by age, gender, socioeconomic status, and ethnic/minority status as well as by the experiences, challenges, and transitions individuals confront as they age. Ongoing longitudinal investigations are exploring associations between psychological well-being and various health outcomes. We have shown a strong gradient of association between psychological well-being and incidence of disability, stroke and myocardial infarction in ethnically diverse community-dwelling older adults.


More recent research has begun to explore associations between psychological well-being and recovery of functional status in patients with stroke as well as older patients admitted to an acute care for elders (ACE) unit. Initial data from the ACE unit suggest that Hispanics have the highest psychological well-being followed by non-Hispanic whites and non-Hispanic blacks. Data also show a linkage between psychological well-being and recovery of functional status post hospital discharge.


In addition, we are exploring medical decision-making in older patients admitted to the ACE unit. We believe that medical decision-making research has the potential to provide important information on quality of care and satisfaction with care received in an older hospitalized population. We also believe that our findings will have implications for physicians and heath care professionals who communicate with older patients as well as with policy makers and hospital administrators who facilitate the delivery of care to older patients.