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Collaborative Innovation Course
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  • Participants will receive training in creative idea generation and implementation
  • Teams will apply their training to develop breakthrough solutions to challenges selected from IDEAxCHANGE
    • selected challenges may be either leadership-vetted and “fan-favorites”
  • Web-based distance-learning class open to entire UTMB community
  • 12 week class begins May 20, virtual meetings on Tues/Thurs from noon-2 PM
  • Lectures from innovation leaders (e.g., R. Ness [UTHealth], J. Fogarty [NASA JSC], C. Lee [Ideation], L. Kennedy [GE], P. Foley [P&G])
  • Learn social-networking tools to spur idea generation
  • Incorporation of new cognitive and social dynamic approaches to promote creative problem solving [e.g., frame-shifting, anonymous brainstorming, virtual collaboration, competing teams]