MTI Study Multiplier Funds

Molecular Therapeutics Initiative

Request for Applications for Study Multiplier Funding to Accelerate Drug Discovery and Development


Study multiplier funds are designed to accelerate discrete activities of therapeutic discovery and development by providing full or partial reimbursement to investigators for costs associated with discrete translational studies. Each activity proposed for study multiplier funding should be integral to drug discovery and development, and provide data critical for grant proposals. Representative categories of appropriate studies for funding requests include, but are not limited to: purchase of chemical entities for validation studies, synthesis of analogs of molecular drug leads, reagent and supplies costs associated with HTS for drug discovery, reagent and animal costs associated with NOAEL and PK studies, in vitro assays for lead characterization, outside consulting costs, etc. Laboratory personal costs are not an appropriate expense, although payments to CROs that include personal costs are appropriate. Funds will be distributed upon successful completion of the proposed activity to reimburse the cost of the activity. Priority will be given to studies that are integral to projects that have been previously vetted through the MTI Internal Advisory Committee.


Key dates: Continual rolling acceptance of application through August 2012

  • Peer Review Date: within 2 weeks of application submission
  • Earliest Anticipated Start Date: within 3 weeks of application submission

Number of applications: A PI may submit multiple applications for MTI Study Multiplier Funding per annual funding cycle. Prior to submitting an application, investigators are strongly encouraged to meet with the MTI Internal Advisory Committee to review the drug project pipeline and undertake a project due diligence review.


Budget: Funding requests should not exceed $10,000 per application. Award amounts will typically average ~$5,000. Funds will be distributed upon completion of the proposed study.


Required components:

  1. Application form. All information must be submitted on the application form provided. Applications should describing the disease impact on human health, unmet therapeutic need, rationale for the current drug discovery/development project, and the impact the study proposed for funding would have on accelerating the project.
  2. Biosketch. Provide a biosketch [4 page maximum] in the current NIH format for the PI. Please include all current support and effort.
  3. Work quotations. Include a detailed quotation or PO of the work submitted for funding. All contract work or reagents for which cost recovery is desired should be accompanied by formal and detailed vendor or CRO quotations.
Submitting an application: Applications must be submitted electronically as a single PDF file to Lisa Velasquez ( using the instructions and forms available here on this page.


Funding restrictions
Funds may only reimburse or fund the specific experiments that were described in the application and approved by the MTI. Personal costs are not allowable.


Review and selection process: The MTI internal Advisory Panel will evaluate each application for scientific merit and significance to a drug project’s success.


Review criteria include: overall drug project goals and strengths; necessity, impact, and significance of proposed study; cost effectiveness of proposed study; and approach. Applicants must clearly describe how successful completion of the proposed study will aid ongoing drug discovery and development efforts. Projects that have been discussed with the MTI Advisory Panel(s) prior to submission will receive priority consideration.


Meeting with the MTI Internal Advisory Panel: Successful applicants will meet with the Internal Advisory Panel prior to final distribution of funds. Discussion topics will include:

  • specific ways the MTI could enhance the project
  • study goals and expected outcomes
  • project due diligence
  • continued project tracking and progress review

Additional information:

Contacts: Email completed applications to Lisa Velasquez ( Contact Stan Watowich ( for questions about this RFA or the application.


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