The Coordination Core

The overall goal of the Coordination Core is to provide ‘one-stop shopping' for investigators desiring to participate in translational research, to coordinate and form Multidisciplinary Translational Teams; to facilitate clinical and translational research by identifying project needs, allocating resources, and monitoring progress; and to increase throughput and efficiency of translational research, by identifying and overcoming rate limiting resource barriers for CTSA core activities and eliminating possible duplications of effort.


Services provided by the Coordination Key Resource include:

  • Consultations about how your work might align with CTSA programs
  • Discussion on improving the function of your MTT
  • Advice on beginning a new MTT
  • Explanation of Key Resources provided by the CTSA

Whatever your need for interaction with the CTSA, Coordination is your place to start!


Contact: or x72872 (CTSA)